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Pre-Launch Intro #1   All artwork, photography and web design by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

...is another landmark study of real life, photographic journalism by LAURENCE CHERNIAK international artist/author of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH TRILOGIES; first published in 1979.

This Afhghani piece is gingerly broken open to check the interior and may release steam before it is quickly shut again. This is the crucial moment of the fire and water ceremony. If the piece is developing coheasion, it must be immediately reclosed to keep the center of the Hashish process plenty hot. Hot rubbing & friction is why the open blisters result on the palms.

     This literary masterpiece (as are all of Mr. CHERNIAK’s works) serves out informative, educational and entertaining material on appearance, baking, blending, budder, collecting, comparing, concealing, cooking, coughing, curing, dabbing, drinking, eating, feelings and effects, flowers, gathering/harvesting, gifting, growing, making and finishing by hand, hubbly bubblies, inhaling, breeding, cloning, loving fans, microscopic studies, mixing hashish cocktails, oral use, paintings, passing the pipe, photographing, plants and planting, preserving, presses and master pressing, puffing, quashing, razor slicing, resin, rosin, rolling, Royal Quality, seals/stamps, shaping, shattering, supercharging, shotgunning, reverse shotgunning, smelling, sniffing, smiling, smoking Chalice, chillum, glass, smuggling, snorting, stashing, storing (long & short term), sublimating, tasting, using, time sensitive emergency pipe, vaporizing, videography, water pipes and a bank of other visuals and comments that can not be experienced without this book. This book is a perfect gift for friends. Buy one for yourself and at least two more copies for friends who will then love you forever.

(left): shows, one of the most used modern methods of extraction. BHO (Butane Honey Oil) started to become very popular around the year 2000.

From this form of extraction comes what has become known as Hashish (Shatter). Like Hashish it has a much higher concentration of active THC. If it really comes from plants with good genetics it only takes (like any good Hashishin can tell you), a few tokes (puffs) to feel inspirational effects.

Shatter is one of at least (fifteen 15 methods of Hashish resin extraction featured in the HASHISH: The JOY of 100 WAYS to USE & SMOKE.

( right): shows, a bit of the beginning on how some good people make healthy medicinal baked goods like this batter starting with its components put into a bowl which is going to become a slew of oatmeal cookies. There are many delicaces showing how people prepare and make medicinal foods for their loved ones and themselves..Larger size, click above
This tome includes over 15 methods of ancient and modern day alchemy (extraction methods) regarding the USAGE and SMOKING of HASHISH. During the current phase of the HASHISH REVOLUTION which is now taking place (in these days, months, and years), (for it) more people are being incarcerated and punished like never before. LAURENCE CHERNIAK’s works are regarded to be so meaningful that there are people who proclaim that if anyone, who is a part of this modern world of HASHISH Alchemy does not know LC’s works or if they are a writer on this subject and do not reference LC’s books etc. in the index or their books, then that person does not deserve the respect they wish to aspire to.
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HASHISH: The JOY of 100 WAYS to USE and SMOKE, Book ONE
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     Welcome to the pre-launch of this new book which features over 1,000 color photographs and images. It reveals rarely seen rituals & activities in dozens of countries. which the wealthy elite have kept hidden from the rest of the world, due to the forbidden, time honored secrets of this ancient, venerable culture which now thrives like it always has before, but now, in this new century, even moreso. This is primarily due to people having become so damn tired (and bored) of being so lied to about a lot more than just the cultural prohibition of psychoactive substances (that stimulate your imagination and health). Subsequently the study of ethno-botanical pharmacology (the use of plants for medicinal and spiritual purposes) has catapulted to higher levels of informative and educational entertainment all over the world. Pure alchemi-magic, is exactly what it is.


Page 1 HJ100ways
American visitor in Jamaica becoming adept at "chalice" smoking ceremony.
The JOY of 100 WAYS to USE & SMOKE...
These uploads commenced in July. 2015
Storage room, with approximately 1,000 kilos of harvested kif plants, next to home of one of Ketama, most famous Hashishins in the Rif mountains of Morocco. These bundles are curing; waiting to have the resin extracted which then will me pressed into approximately 100 kilos of bars or slabs of Hashish.

             HASHISH:d kif plants, left:  Close up of Afghanistani Hash displaying golden seal on a one kilo dark slab from the mountain aarea of MAZAR -I- SHARIFPreparing the cookie dough. Ingredients include butter laced with very finely ground green leaf and bud. Then it and the green butter are mixed which subsequently allows the butter to have a very appealing color and texture. Added is one egg and a little saffron which is the red streaming substance.To see larger size Cover, click above(left) The photos on the cover of this book received comments from   connoisseurs who love intriguing views of subjects that most people have never seen before. These are images that hold a mystique which stimulates the imagination in to what is possible, from the Hashish geniuses of the world, especially to do with how they have overcome prohibition. in so many ways, is detailed in this book; it makes the authorities heads swim in murky oceans because they have no idea about how clear the the water really is.

(left): Mandala Graphics of the Opening, Page 1 of  240 pages in this new book which shows volumes of real life information and much pot leaf artwork(s) reflecting the happy state of mind when people feel good about themselves and those around them.

To consider anything but the very best feelings is a pure waste of time. For centuries, probably, since the beginning of time (as we know it) there has never been enough time for anyone once they come into this life.

With how well Hashish helps people to feel, it is only the most bewildering issue, about how come this miracle plant which has always, indeed, been saving the world could ever have become outlawed.

This book reveals those kinds of dark secrets.

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afghani hash seal close up